Digital Signage


Networked digital signage enables retailers and brand marketers to use dynamic, media-rich messages to efficiently target the right audience at the right place at the right time, while ensuring message compliance. It also allows for the delivery of targeted messages by time, location, demographics, promotion or even in response to external triggers like weather.

We have developed a sophisticated network application that delivers information over the internet - providing seven separate blocks of information including RSS internet news, weather, time and date, video spots, still ads, logo sponsorship and a community channel all displayed in separate windows onto an LCD, LED or Plasma screen.

We deliver information on schedule or repeat the information at a minimum frequency of 8 x 10 second spots. Our community window allows the client to change information real-time directly from any browser and publish relevant information virtually instantly to promote any product or service.

The system will deliver value added information customized to suit any of your existing location. The information on the digital screens can be accessible and modified easily from any location through the internet.

Some of our Current Clients:

Edward Jones Financial
Caryl Baker Visage
Mr Souvlaki
Coldwell Banker
Make A Wish Canada
As Seen on TV
Weight Watchers


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