Telecast Canada Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in indoor and outdoor digital messaging and dynamic digital advertising systems.

TELECAST ™ is an integrated DDM or digital messaging and DDA or digital advertising system that delivers information to digital signs to retail and commercial businesses over the internet. The system delivers internet based value-added information customized to suit each (server) location. DDA and DDM information can be readily changed using a simple web browser.

Installations include shopping malls, walk in clinics, car dealerships, gyms, community centres and convenience stores, multi-residential buildings and other such facilities.

Telecast donates public service announcements and free messaging and advertising services to such fine organizations such as Make a Wish, CAMH and Kids Help Line.

Telecast delivers information to LCD and plasma screens directly from the internet. Cable TV can also be integrated into the digital screen. Telecast provides date, time, current news, weather, sports, traffic and other important hourly information. Information displayed on the telecast network benefits local community, the audience in general and benefits non-profit and charitable organizations.

The DDM or dynamic digital messaging section (bottom of the screen) on the plasma is accessible by the Client 24 hours a day and can be modified easily from any location, by the internet. Many messages can be entered and are scrolled from start to finish and are looped. The Client accesses a password protected web site, types in the information clip and attaches a graphic and publishes it. This info will be shown on the LCD or plasma screen within 5 minutes. This DDM section on the plasma screen is exclusive for the specific site. This feature will reduce the client’s cost of printing, distributing and updating advertising material. A Client’s identification logo, appearing  every minute will run on an alternating basis with other advertising logos. These will be displayed on the screen at the bottom right hand corner.

In addition, this system generates revenue that comes from DDA or dynamic digital advertising displaying video, flash and still image advertising displayed onto the digital screen. The DDA network allows every advertiser to access their content by using a web browser. Telecast will procure the advertising and will manage the advertising content. Advertising content will be arranged between the advertiser and Telecast. There will be a fee for creating advertising content. There will be a fee to advertisers for hosting their content on the screen(s). Revenue will be shared with the Client.

Telecast will install the TELECAST™ system inclusive of a local server (computer) with necessary cabling, hardware and software on the local server and software on the web server to enable all browser functionality for the Client. Telecast will provide the digital (plasma/LCD or LED) screen at the Client’s premises, composed of at least one(1) screen. Telecast will connect the DDA/DDM system into the existing cabling system on premises. Telecast will integrate all of the components and activate the system for full operation. An internet line (service) will be provided by Telecast. Cable TV can also be integrated with the Telecast system. The Cable TV feed will be provided by Telecast, if required.

 Telecast will host and operate the network and provide access to the site so that the Client can add, modify and delete DDM messaging content as required,  free of charge. In addition, a total of 3 x 15 second DDA advertising spots (still or video, each running at least 8 times per hour) will be provided to the Client at zero cost. Free DDAs will also be offered to non-profit organizations.

 Implementation of additional servers and LCD or plasma screens (on premises) and the timing of installation will be at the mutual agreement of Telecast and the Client and with the same sharing of responsibilities.


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