Changing consumer trends and the increasingly cluttered media marketplace have made it challenging for advertisers to find, reach, and connect with their customers. The Telecast Network captures the attention of specific audiences within their visiting environment, making your impression close to your markets.

Using a central server, information is relayed to each local server and displayed to deliver the information with frequency and duration required to make an impact on your audience. We inform, educate and entertain. In addition, we transmit a product or service advertisement to your audience to leave a lasting impression.

Telecast transmits your message to a focused audience ensuring an average ad recall rate that exceeds any other form of advertising. We’re consistent and effective in generating real results for our clients and for facility managers.

Telecast brings your broadcasting success to new heights.

Fueled by the technical background of the founder with a passion for digital media, a team was assembled to develop the software and hardware needed to operate an intricate network of servers capable of delivering internet based information solutions. Telecast began its unique media services in October 2005. We are based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Today, Telecast delivers its national news, entertainment, weather, and advertising to many viewers via digital screens located in premier locations.

With the notion that advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be an art and not a science, we deliver a persuasive solution to drive your business forward.

  May 2010 Telecast launches the new digital outdoor network in Newmarket, Ontario, on a 20 x 10 ft. L.E.D board
  Aug 2009 Telecast receives approval to build and operate a digital outdoor sign in Newmarket, Ontario
  July 2009 Telecast develops outdoor version of digital dynamic advertising to apply to exterior billboards
  May 2008 Telecast releases version 6.0 - integrating full cable TV capability with digital dynamic advertising
  Apr 2007 Telecast system with 2 x 50 inch plasma screens, is installed in Columbus Centre, Lawrence/Dufferin
  Mar 2007 Telecast releases version 5.0 - a high resolution full screen version and dynamic digital messaging and digital advertising option
  Feb 2007 Telecast releases version 4.0 - a high resolution split-screen version that plays full motion picture videos
  Jan 2007 Telecast system is installed in Downsview Park, at the Hangar Sports Complex
  Dec 2007 Telecast releases version 3.0 - a vertical screen version that plays posters, schedules, retail menues
  Nov 2006 Telecast systems are installed in Hopedale Mall - Oakville, Cloverdale Mall- Etobicoke, and Shoppers World Brampton, with 2 x 50 inch plasma screens.
  Aug 2006 Telecast systems version 2 go into multi-residential locations in Burlington, Toronto, Georgetown, etc.
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